Fix & Repair A USB Which Shows Empty Even When Data Exists Within

Hello, I am Jonathan and I am facing a huge issue which is related to my USB Pen-Drive. Recently I have backed up my all important documents and files in my USB before formatting my system. The backup contains all the important presentations, documents, images and files which I had stored in my USB. When I inserted my USB to another device I have a horrible experience as all the files were not showing there. The USB is showing that is is filled up with data but it is not appearing on the screen. I have tried so many different ways in order to recover the corrupted or lost data from my USB but am unable to do so. If anyone, here with an effective technique then please help me with that. Thanks in advance…

usb drive data recovery

What is USB Pen-Drive?

A USB Pen-Drive is an external device which is also called as a flash drive, jump drive and etc. The USB drive is a data storage device which includes flash memory with an integrated USB interface. These USB drives are removable, re-writable and even much smaller an optical disk. This storage device first appeared in the year 2000 and since then it is widely in use. Initially, the transfer rate was pretty slow but as time passes and these storage devices went through many changes which reflected the transfer speed as well.

These USB-drives are smaller in size and even much more efficient as compared to the other storage devices. The USB transfer rate is also far better as compared to the other storage devices and it is quite handy and can fit easily inside a pocket. However, these are the most convenient form of storage devices but it happens sometimes when these USB-drives gets plagued by different kinds of infections such as virus, malware or any other.

There are so many reasons behind the infections of the USB-Drives which may lead to the deletion as well as the corruption of data from these storage devices. Here, we have a complete list of the reasons why these USB-drives gets infected and became a reason for data loss.

  1. Inserting the USB-Drives to an infected machine.
  2. Bad sectors of the USB-Drives will start being a reason for the loss of data.
  3. Virus and malware infection.
  4. Encryption of the drive.
  5. Hidden files.
  6. Random removal of the USB even when the data is being transferred.

The above are some of the basic reasons for the deletion as well as the corruption of the data from the USB drives. Sometimes, the USB contains data but it doesn’t show on the screen and it all happens because of the improper operations which are taken against the USB-Drive. So, here we will talk about the methodologies which will help the user in recovering and restoring the hidden data from the USB-Drive in an easy and effective manner. So here we go…

Solution:1- Access Hidden Files Through Control Panel

First of all, don’t run in a hurry. Don’t put any wrong step in order to recover the data from the USB as any inappropriate action can cause the complete deletion of the data from the USB. First of all, we will have to find that what thing is pushing the USB to make the data inaccessible and to do it in a secure way, we can head through the below instruction:

  1. Connect the affected PEN-Drive to the system.
  2. head towards the Control Panel of the system.
  3. Type File Explorer in the Search Bar.
  4. Click File Explorer Option.
  5. In the View Menu head towards the Hidden Files And Folders and then select Show Hidden Files Folders & Drives radio button.
  6. Uncheck the Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommended) Checkbox.
  7. Click on the Apply button and then click on Save Changes Option.

After performing the above step, you can now open the USB drive for accessing the data. Check whether you can see those hidden files or not and if you are not viewing those files then head out to the next solution which we are going to provide.

Solution:2- Access The Data From USB Using Command Prompt

There may be a chance that the drive and files get infected with a malware infection. Some malicious program hides the files which are stored in the storage device and this all happens due to the infection which changes the attributes of the file. Such kinds of infected files will not be brought back even after turning the View Hidden File Option on.

In this case, we have to run an “attrib” command on the drive to change the attributes of those files which are stored in the infected USB drive. To do this we have to follow the below instruction, so here we go:

  1. Open CMD as an administrator.
  2. Type the command attrib -h -r -s /s /d XYZ:\*.* and remove the XYZ with your USB-Drive.
  3. Run the command by pressing Enter.

This operation and steps will recover the data from the USB as it makes the data accessible for the users. In rare cases it is seen that this method will not work otherwise it works in an effective manner.

The above processes are manual and that’s why it needs some advance level knowledge in order to perform the steps. These processes are lengthy as well as time-consuming and to overcome this issue, here we have a pro-tip which is quite effective in recovering the lost data from the USB-Drive in an effective manner.

The Pro-Tip: Stellar Phoenix USB Repair Tool

There is a very powerful software which is called as Stellar Phoenix USB Repair Tool and it is quite effective and beneficial in recovering the entire lost, infected, corrupted and deleted data from the USB and all at a few effective clicks. The Stellar Phoenix USB Repair Tool is also capable of wiping out all kinds of infections and errors from the USB-Drive. Below we have the link of the tool from where one can easily download and install the software and recover the entire data from the USB.

Know More About Stellar Phoenix USB Repair Tool 

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