Detailed About Stellar Phoenix Sun Solaris Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Sun Solaris Data Recovery is mainly used to recovers your damages, corrupted, missing or inaccessible files from any of the UFS files from the system that is based on Sun Solaris hard disk. It is used to perform lots of reliable task recovery the lost data without making any data loss.

Stellar Phoenix Sun Solaris Data Recovery software is more predictable on Windows- based OS that will able to recover any of the damages UFS volume. This software performs quick recovery of deleted data from its UFS Volume. It will reliable with any Windows OS such as XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 to perform the lost data recovery easily to prevent the other harmful threat.


Features of the Software (For Windows):-

  • It will perform quick recovery of inaccessible from the corrupt UFS volume.
  • It has ‘Advance Recovery’ option to recover the lost, deleted or inaccessible data and extensive search to lost file.
  • It provides an innovative option to search the UFS file to all the deleted volume from the system.
  • Scan information or image easily get recovered by the use of Stellar Phoenix Sun Solaris Data Recovery.
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, 2000, 2003 and XP.

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Key Features of the Stellar Phoenix Sun Solaris Data Recovery Software:-

Helps to Give Selective Recovery ‘Find’ Option:

While using Phoenix Sun Solaris Data Recovery Software, it gives the ‘Find’ Option to search the specific files through the scan data and will easily perform the selective recovery of the lost file. It performs the user selection of required file such as Last Accessing Date, Size, Modify Data, Created Date or other. You can use press ‘F3’ option to search the selective Option.

Using ‘Filter’ Option to Save the Selected Files:

It provides you the ‘Filter’ option that helps to save the file. This option can apply to filters entire scan output and easily recovers file according to their extension. By the option of including, selecting, excluding or removing the different file.

Option to save file on Desired Location:

Sun Solaris Data Recovery Software allows a user to save recovered files easily to any of the storage Device that recognized through the host OS. By the help of this software recover the files and saves it any secondary hard disk such as USB drive, ZIP drive or other.

Option to Recovered Compressed file:

The software provides a helpful option to save the entire file into the compressed ZIP folder easily and may be able to forward this any of the destination points through any medium such as Google Drive. This feature of the Software only works, if the user saves the files on Local Disk that works as temp holder.

Use to scan the storage Hard Disk:

Stellar Phoenix Sun Solaris Data Recovery Software having another interesting option to protect your recovered UFS files from harmful threat and for this, it will use anti-virus to detect the bad malware by complete scanning of the file.

Drive Imaging Option:

The software gives ‘Drive Imaging’ option to recover files that allows a user to create the image of your entire hard drive, volumes or other specified region related to driving. This saved Image will help to easily restore the lost data or in case of inaccessibility.

‘Mask’ Option with the Scan Result:

The software gives ‘Mast’ option to narrow the search result through the required file types. By using this option, the software provides to generate the recovered files through the mask criteria such as File type, Size over the entire scan result.

Preview Scanned image or information:

Stellar Phoenix Sun Solaris Data Recovery software helps a user to preview the previously saved scan folder that contains images or other various option. It is not needed to scan it again and again to the recovered data, easily select the folder that contains UFS files and saved it at the desired location.

Advance and Quick Recovery Option:

The Sun Solaris Software provides the option to the user to quickly recover the UFS file from the deleted, lost or inaccessible data in short period of time without making any interruption in the recovery process and successfully complete it.

Having the Option to get back Deleted Volume:

This software provides a user an innovative option to search the all UFS file from the system and get back your all deleted volume data. The software allows a user to recovers the data from any of the deleted volume and found Quick Recovery method. It is more effectively recovers your entire lost data in one more and prevent you from the further loss of data.

Specification of the Stellar Phoenix Sun Solaris Data Recovery Software:-

  • Memory: 256 MB
  • Processor: Pentium Class
  • Operating System: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/2000/2003/NT
  • Memory Drive: Less than 30 MB
  • Physical: Yes
  • Electronic: Yes
  • Technician License: Easily install this software on Any Windows OS
  • Version: 2.0
  • Supported Language: English Only

User Guide

User Guide of the Stellar Phoenix Sun Solaris Data Recovery Software (For Windows):-

Step 1: On ‘Icon’ toolbar select the option ‘Select Physical Disk’ option.
Step 2: Choose the Physical Disk appears in a new dialog box.
Step 3: In Physical Disk select the damages or corrupt Logical Drive.
Step 4: Next Select ‘Logical Volume’ from the appears dialog box.
Step 5: Scan the complete Hard Disk for entire lost partitions or Founded partitions.
Step 6: From the list select the corrupt or missing Drive menu.
Step 7: The software analyzes the data structure and the file system to display it on the directory tree.
Step 8: Choose option ‘Recover All’ files and folder and marked the important file according to you then select ‘Recover Selected’ option to recover the damaged file.
Step 9: Make sure that recovered data is not saved on the same drive from where you want to recovers the file.

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Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q: By what way we recover lost data from the drive that contains Super Block corruption. By following these steps to recover the lost data?

A: To the help of this given below steps you can easily recover the lost data from the drive to the Super Block Corruption are:

  • Firstly, click on ‘Physical Disk’ button from the ‘Icon’ toolbar menu.
  • Next, list the physical disk available on appears dialog box.
  • In the physical disk, menu selects the corrupt or missing file to this logical drive.
  • Select ‘Partition the table information to get the entire volume information’ in appear dialog box.
  • Now, choose the partition option that is needed to be recovered.
  • The drive data structure analyses by the software and other file system to displays the directory tree.
  • Now, Select ‘Recover All’ options that give you to choose your desire selected file and then press on ‘Recover Selected’ option.

Q: Does it show an option to preview the data before Recovery?

A: Yes, this Stellar Phoenix Sun Solaris Data Recovery software gives the option to preview the UFS file and then do the selective recovery of the file.

Q: Does this Software give multiple selections of data to do the recovery?

A: Yes, it is more effectively gives you the option to select the multiple data at a time and can easily recover from the help of Stellar Phoenix Sun Solaris Data Recovery.


Hello friend, here I am to discuss my experience with Stellar Phoenix Sun Solaris Data Recovery Software. A few days ago, I was looking for the solution to recover the UFS files from the Sun Solaris folder but not able to find the solution to this problem. My friend suggests me to use this software while using this software it quickly recovers the entire lost data in a few moves and pretends us to cause further essential damages with the file. I love the use of this software. John, Australia.

However, while trying to recover my Sun Solaris Data from the existing location it goes corrupting my file and will not seem like to any solution to recover the file easily. My friend suggest me to use Stellar Phoenix Sun Solaris Data Recovery Software that helps me lots and make a successful recovery of the software without making any interruption with the data. It will provide you the best services as I experience. Lara, Network.

Hello friends, here I am coming to discuss my lovely experience with the Stellar Phoenix Sun Solaris Data Recovery Software that gives me a more lovely experience to recover my corrupted UFS file. On that day, It is not possible for me to recover my loss file then get suggested by friend use this software will experience me lots to have the solution of my trouble and easily recovers my entire file in a few times. Peter, Canada.


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