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Stellar Phoenix SCO UnixWare Data Recovery is a best and advanced tool that can easily recover lost directories, file, Folder and others from corrupted UFS and VxFS based hard disks. It is a professional tool that has the ability to recover all types of data from any Unix Ware system. It is able to recover corrupted, Damaged, or inaccessible hard drive to their Original Size. The software supports the data recovery from the formatted Hard drive, Accidental Deletion, Operating system malfunctioning, malware and virus infection. It provides a preview of recoverable objects that are useful for selective recovery. It is 100% safe and secure software that satisfying millions of the users since 1993.



It Facilitates the restoration of SCO UnixWare on the Windows platform
It Restores files and folders with attributes
It Searches for logical volumes on the physical drive
It Shows the list of recoverable files as a tree
It Performs selective SCO recovery based on file types

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Advanced Key Features of Stellar Phoenix SCO UnixWare Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix SCO UnixWare Data Recovery is a most powerful and effective software. It becomes most popular now these days due to its advanced features. Some of the key features are listed below:

Performs a reliable UnixWare recovery from SCO

The software analyzes drive data structures and file system attributes to facilitate more reliable and reliable data recovery in Unix. It extracts the driver information from the partition table, and then carefully checks the logical drive to look for all the lost files and folders.

Search for lost files and folders

This Unique tool scans the logical drive using non-destructive mechanisms and shows the exact hierarchical list of files and folders on the disk. If some of your files are still not in the tree structure, you can use the “Search for lost files and folders” option to find these missing files.

Performs selective recovery using file filters

This SCO UnixWare Data Recovery software saves your third-party efforts and time when you only need to recover certain files from the disk. You can use the “File Filter” option to enable or disable file extensions for recovery. The software stores only selected file types in the specified destination.

File masks based on user-defined criteria

Using the SCO UnixWare data recovery software, you can easily mask files in the list of recoverable files that are displayed during the scan. This allows you to trim the tree structure and create a new tree that contains only the files you want to restore. You can provide different criteria, such as file type, date, and Size.

Selective recovery of files and folders

The software allows you to manually select files and folders to recover. To selectively restore files, you can select “Recover Selected Files” from the File menu or click the Restore Selected Files icon in the toolbar.

Keeps scan information for later recovery

The VxFS data recovery software includes the Save Scan function, which allows you to save scan information as a .DAT file on the system. You can use this file to restore the data recovery process through the software at any given time.

Ability to search files after scanning

The software allows you to find files in the tree structure that are displayed after the scan is completed. To do this, click “Find” on the Tools menu and specify a part of the file name. You can use wildcards (for example, ‘*.doc’), and also select ‘Match Case’ to search the regions.

Save the restored data anywhere

SCO UnixWare Data Recovery Software offers various options for saving recovered files and folders. You can click “Recover All” in the toolbar to save all files and folders on the selected disk or select “Recover Selected Files” to perform selective recovery of files or folders. You can save the recovered data to another hard disk, to any network drive, to an attached USB drive, or to an attached ZIP drive.

Software Requirements:

Processor: Pentium 4 or later

Supported OS: It Supports the Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003

Memory: 64 MB RAM

Hard disk: It needs minimum 5 MB of free space.

How to Activate the Software?

Stellar Phoenix SCO UnixWare Data Recovery software is available for instant online delivery with the help of electronic software registration.

Once you have made the order online, you will get a serial number.

The serial number will be emailed to you by our payments processing agents.

After entering the serial number, the software registration wizard will be automatically completed activation process.

If the software is not activated, you need to check the firewall settings to activate the product using the manual activation method.

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Frequently Asked Questions:-

Is there is any free versions of the software is available?

Yes, the trial version of the software is available for free. Download the trial version of the software to known the working efficiency of the software. But one thing you must keep in mind that the trial version has some limitation. As it only provides the evaluation of the software and shows the preview of the deleted files. If you want to recover and save the files at the desired location then you need to purchase license version.

Is it possible to recover selective files only with this software?

Yes, it is possible to recover only selected files with this software. It has a specific option ‘File Filter’. With this option, you can manually select files and folder to perform the recovery process.

Can I save my recovered data at my desired place?

Yes, with the help of this software you can recover all your data and saves at your desired location. The software offers the various option to restore and save files and folders. The users can click “Recover All” on the toolbar and save the file and folder in the drive that you are selected. You can also choose “Recover Selected Files” to complete selective file folder recovery.

Can I save a list of recoverable files for later Recovery?

Yes, you can save the list of recoverable files for later recovery. The software provides “Save Scan” Option that allows the users to save the list of the scanning files in .DAT file in the system. The users can use this option to resume the recovery process at any desired point or time.


Hey! I am Mark Henry. I want to say thanks to the team of Stellar Phoenix that help me a lot to recover back my files and folders from corrupted UFS and VxFS based hard Drive. Eventually, I had lost of hope since I can’t detect my hard drive in PC. But fortunately, I found the SCO UnixWare Data Recovery Software by searching the website and it helps me in restoring my files and folder about 97%. I really grateful for it and highly recommended it to those who need a Data Recovery service. Good Job Stellar. Thank you, Mark Henry, Canada

I was very sad and worried when my hard drive was damaged. I was almost freaked out if it was not possible to get back my files and folders that are very important to me. Thanks to stellar Phoenix that help me to retrieve my files and folders from UFS and VxFS based hard Drive. I own close friends purchase this Software to recover their lost directories from corrupted UFS and VxFS based hard Drive. It satisfied me as well as my friend with their work. Thank your stellar for such a amazing software. Pitter Jon, US

Just when I thought that all my expensive directories, files, and folder were lost forever, SCO UnixWare Data Recovery Software did a miracle and every single files and folder back. I am very grateful to the entire team of stellar phoenix. They recover my data much faster than I expected. I am very pleased with the overall work. The duration of the data recovered from the UFS and VxFS based hard Drive was much impressed. I could recover my files and folder in nick of time. I would recommend the SCO UnixWare Data Recovery Software to all my colleagues and friends. Emma, NewYork

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