Brief Information about Stellar Phoenix Exchange Server Backup

Nowadays, there are lots of modifications in the latest version of MS Exchange program. Then, you cannot take complete backup of exchange databases due to other bad or frustrating scenarios. Then, here you can try Stellar        Phoenix Exchange Server Backup which is listed as one of the good and effective choice for creating backups of exchange database. It is listed as famous and reliable application which uses advance technologies to take the precious backup of MS Exchange database in order to decrease the extra time of server and instantly restores important mailbox objects. It is a completely unique and powerful application which initiates the immediate backup process and instantly restore vital mailboxes and also finishes the backup procedure with full secure. It also works as ab automated program which is capable of taking full back up of numerous Storage Groups and Mailbox items to secure Exchange database from any type of disastrous situations.

What are the amazing features of Stellar Phoenix Exchange Server Backup ?


It enables you to restores all vital mailbox items instantly from Exchange server.   

It generates quick log reports to display the full status of backup and other recovered files.

It has unique manager schedule option to schedule backup reports at specified time and day with numerous scheduling options.

This powerful utility supports complete online backups of sensitive mailboxes without interrupting the services of Exchange server.

It supports incremental backup options.

It allows users to restores numerous formats of mailboxes from from internal backup picture.

This exchange server backup software restores user’s valuable mailbox objects in EML, PST, PDF, MSG, RTB and other several formats on live Exchange server.

Like other backup program, it generates specific email messages or alerts indicating that your backup is successfully completed.

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Detailed Key features of Stellar Phoenix Exchange Server Backup  

Restores Exchange mailbox items from backup : It is known as unique and powerful utility used to take instant backup of various mailbox components from any type of disastrous situations. This type of proficient application easily manages the backup related tasks and also enables users to create backup of Exchange Server as per requirements.

Generate manager schedule reports : This Exchange server utility enables you to create a backup within multiple schedule options. You can you easily create a backup by managing data and time with using this scheduling features. You can schedule your finished activities in weekly, daily hourly and monthly basis. In simple terms, if you wish to change the scheduled task by using this manager schedule option. It enables you to create a special email notification for instant assistance.

Generate log reports : Like other backup utility, it generates complete log information and also displays the full history of backup process. This log report consists complete details about all restored processes, previous backups and other schedule details. In addition, you can easily schedule your important email notifications in order to receive the reports about status of finished tasks. You can freely save all log details in TXT, PDF, HTML, CSV and other multiple formats.

Provides manual restoration procedure : Manual restoration is another option of Stellar Phoenix Exchange Server Backup which is specially used to restore the complete mailbox objects and other separate emails from existing storage group or other store backup image. It also enables you to restores individual emails as per your requirements.

Accurate backup of MS Exchange database : It is one of the best and finest utility which allows users to select combination of Exchange server databases, external storage group, vital mailboxes and other individual mailbox folders in order to take incremental backup.

Provides Bare metal backup option : Stellar Phoenix Exchange Server Backup lets allows you to instantly restore vital backup components within manual process from existing image backup. With using this tool,, you can easily select separated mails from other external storage media or special mailbox store. The highlighted feature of this software is, it can easily update your recent Update database with other existing backup option.

Specifications of Stellar Phoenix Exchange Server Backup


Processor : Pentium class                             

Use version : 1.0

Supports versions of MS Exchange server : It supports MS Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Use Internal memory : Minimum 1 GB RAM, suggested 2 GB

Hard disk : 100 MB of free space

Compatibles with MS Outlook : This proficient software compatibles with MS Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and many others.

Supports Windows Operating System : It supports the Windows Server 2008, 2003, Vista, XP, 7 and numerous versions of Windows Operating Systems.



When I search a few backup applications on the web then I found Stellar Phoenix Exchange Server Backup software developed by technical experts. With using this essential software, I have successfully restored my crucial mailbox components. This backup utility is completely unique. I would advise my close friends to but this software in full version.  Mike Smith, New York                                     

After searching the backup programs on internet, I just found a specific backup tool named as Stellar Phoenix Exchange Server Backup which helps to take the full and incremental backups. As per security expert’s reviews, this backup application is unique, proficient and 100 % secure, so it is very simple to operate. I am thankful the developers of this software.  James Cameron, USA     

I am using Stellar Phoenix Exchange Server Backup from a few days. The working performance of this backup utility is very excellent. With the help of this essential back up program, I can restore valuable mailbox items from Exchange Database file. This powerful application supports online backup of separate Mailboxes. This product is very helpful for online users.  Eric Martin, California              

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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. Why do you need to buy a full version of Stellar Phoenix Exchange Server Backup ?
A. In some cases, you need to buy a full version of Stellar Phoenix Exchange Server Backup because you cannot restore your all Exchange mailboxes with using it’s free version. The free version of this software enables you to check the features and usability. This application is completely unique. This software is available only for three months in trial versions. But the main problem is, when the 90 days of the software is completed, all features will be automatically blocked. For further use, you need to buy the full or license version from its official page.

Q. Why you need a take a backup of Storage Groups or Exchange Mailbox items ?
A. If you want to protect your mailbox components from virus infections or any type of destruction, you need to create a backup. So, you need to create a regular backup that avoid the worst consequences in data loss issues and also generate option to restore your vital mailbox stores or existing storage groups effectively. It is advised you to take hourly or weekly backups, so you can save the backup reports on specified network drive or other FTP server.

Q. How can I restore my backup from Windows backup image using Bare Metal Backup and Restore backup option ?
A. You can you easily restore your personal files and folder from backup image, in such cases, do not try to restore the boot drive.

Q. How can I restore my server backup to a numerous versions of MS Exchange server ?
A. With the help of this Server Backup utility, you can freely restore your existing backup to a latest version of Exchange Server program.

User Guide

User Guide of Stellar Phoenix Exchange Server Backup

Step 1. First of all, download Stellar Phoenix Exchange Server Backup software from its official site. Once installation process is finished, you will see the main screen of this software Window.
Step 2. Now, click on 'Storage group or mailbox store option'. There are lists of existing storage groups or Mailbox stores. After, select any type of storage group in order to take separate backup.
Step 3. In next step, put a bold mark on 'Full backup' option. Select the Next button to initiate the backup process.
Step 4. Now, you will see a small 'Destination path' dialog box in which two options are listed including 'Select local or network drive', 'Select FTP location'. Move your mouse pointer on select local or Network drive option and go to 'OK' button to continue the backup process.
Step 5. Select the folder in which you want to save the restored objects. In such ways, if you wish to save your files at separate folder then click on 'make new folder' button. Then, click on OK button.
Step 6. In Destination path dialog box, click on Select 'FTP location' to store the backup data and go to OK button.
Step 7. After that, you will see the small 'FTP information' dialog box. In this dialog box, you need to fill the all details and move to OK button in order to proceed.
Step 8. Choose the correct 'FTP folder' in which you want to save the backup components and then click on OK option.
Step 9. Select 'Full backup' from backup options and click on selected FTP folder and go to Next button.
Step 10. Now, you will notice a Backup settings Window in which you need to put a tick mark on 'send notification mail' option. After clicking on notification mail option, you need to type the sender's email address in Sender's text area and recipient's email address in Recipient's text area. Then, move to 'Next' button to start the process.
Step 11. In next step, you will detect the full details of backup such as backup type, Schedule time, Backup consolidation and email notification. If you wish the modify the settings of backup, you can select 'Back' button. To complete the backup process, click on Finish button.
Step 12. At last, you will see a small backup process dialog box. You will see a message named as 'Backup process is completed successfully'.

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