Detailed About Stellar Phoenix Database Repair for MySQL

Stellar Phoenix Database Repair for MySQL is another toolkit that is used to fix MYSQL database damages or corruption and will help for the safe recovery of entire inaccessible objects that includes triggers primary keys etc.

Stellar Phoenix Database Repair for MySQL mainly contains various types of database such as Data types, views, triggers and many others. It can easily be used to repairs database of MySQL, CSV, XLS, and HTML. This Database recovery software supports MySQL 6.x, 5.x and 4.x and is also compatible with any Windows-based Operating system such as Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista & XP and other. This software pleasantly restored entire loss user database without any modification.

Features of the Software (For Windows):-


  • It will help to Repairs InnoDB and MyISAM tables of any MySQL database.
  • It will able to support MySQL version 6.x, 5.x, 4.x and many other.
  • It reliable with various Windows-based Operating System 10, 8.1, 7 & Vista.
  • It can repair entire asset of MySQL databases such as data types, views, triggers, table properties and many other.
  • It can be reliable in easily recovers entire Corrupts MySQL Database from any inaccessible tablespaces.

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Key Features of Stellar Phoenix Database Repair for MySQL Software:-

Recover Entire Corrupt MySQL Database:

This Stellar software will help you to reliably restore any damages MySQL database and will recover it from any inaccessible tables. It will facilitate user to complete recovery of your tables, object or other things without doing any modification to the original format.

Use to Preview of Object while Scanning:

The software provides you with a platform for previewing your database objects after getting the scan the database. You will easily select an object in tree-structured that the list generated and gives options to preview it and select the desired option.

Easily recover Database from Linux Platform:

MySQL Database recovery tool offers to recover MySQL database that will be created on a Linux system. By copying entire database folders and ‘ibdatal’ file into the Linux system of any windows machine.

Repair InnoDB or MyISAM Tables:

It will help the user to support Primary entire MySQL database engines such as MyISAM (.frm, myd) and InnoDB (.frm, .idb). It will use to restore the table based over the engines to a functional state. It can recover entire table components such as relationship constraints, keys, and many others.

Preview the Scanned Search Item List:

The software helps easily to search for the desired object after the scanned items and for doing similar enter the object name ‘Find Items’ on the toolbar and search the options that are selected. After getting the desire files select it for recovery.

Hold to select Automatic or Manual Database Selection:

It will give two options at the same time to repairs the database at the default location of MySQL and also will repair it manually to select a database for repairing. It also gives the flexibility to choose the desired option that makes to repairs the database easily.

Choose Multiple Database at Once time:

The software recovery tool is capable to perform multiple selections of MySQL database in a single attempt to repairs it. While using this software you can reduce your harmful job and increase the accuracy of given operation.

Help to remove Entire MySQL Corruption Errors:

The software used to perform MySQL database repairing the corrupted errors and try to remove it. It can also use various assures of consistency need to repair it without any mistake.

It support & the Compatibility:

The software tool uses to repairs the database file of MySQL versions such as 6.x, 5.x and other that can easily run on the windows based Operating System such as 10, 8.1, 8 and vista.

Specification of the Database Repair for MySQL Software:-

    • Memory: Less than 1 GB
    • Hard Disk: Gives Free Space of 100 MB
    • Operating System: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Vista
    • Processor: Pentium Class
    • Electronic: Yes
    • Version:
    • Technician License: Software works on multiple systems
    • Language Support: English

User Guide of the Phoenix Database Repair for MySQL (For Windows):-

User Guide

Step1: The Interface of Stellar Phoenix Database Repair for MySQL software comes with ‘Select’ Database option. You need to choose either first or Second Option.
Step2: Database List Present in the system and choose to select or multiple files to repairs.
Step3: After Database selection, Press on “OK” button to start the repair process.
Step4: After completion, it gives the list view of the database object to preview and then click on any of the databases from the left Panel to see the preview in right Panel.
Step5: Click on ‘Save’ button to choose the required format database.
Step6: In this dialog box, Gives the user Login details and then press the ‘OK’ button.
Step7: Now, You can change the file format to save it easily the database.
Step8: Click on Selective Option and click on ‘Ok’ button.

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Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q: At what place the recovered MySQL database get saved?

A: The software gives you the option to save the recovered database as you desired location in a new folder and can

also on an original database is stored. You can also replace the file name of earlier to the repaired file name.

Q: Is it needed to installed MySQL on a system to preview or recover the database?

A: To preview the database MySQL is not necessary to be installed but to save the MySQL database it must need to install on your system.

Q: Does the Stellar Phoenix Database Repair for MySQL support version 5.7?

A: Yes, this software supports to repairs the corrupt MySQL database created by using this version 5.7.

Q: Does this software will help to repairs the Table properties?

A: Yes, this Phoenix repairs software will perform to repairs the complete database that includes entire table properties.

Q: Does this MySQL data recovery software work under to remove corruption errors?

A: Yes, this repairing software works under to repairs all types of MySQL database corruption errors.

Q: Can this software will be customizing?

A: Yes, you can use the Quick Access Toolbar of the software to add the options, you can also add assign desired shortcut to run the commands and will also improve the appearance of the user interface. By clicking on drop down option to the Quick Access Toolbar of the software.

Q: Does the software will easily repair MySQL database to create the Linux platform?

A: Yes, this Stellar Software helps to repairs MySQL database that is created on a Linux platform. It is needed to copy the database from Linux system to the Windows system and perform recovery for Windows platform.

Q: If my MySQL Database file is used to create in MySQL 3.x version and now using Latest version MySQL 6.x. In this case, can I easily repair my file?

A: Yes, this Stellar Phoenix Database Repair for MySQL software is portable or reliable for any MySQL version database that is installed to your system and is helping a user to easily restore entire damages file. You have also need of the previous version to locate the MySQL file easily.

Q: I am going to use MySQL 5.5 that works on my InnoDB database and trying to access one of the tables that seem corrupted after trouble with server shutting down. Shows some way to recover my table using Stellar Phoenix Database Repair for MySQL?

A: If you are using Stellar Phoenix Database Repair for MySQL software to repairs your entire corrupted InnoDB database. Firstly, you need to place the location of ‘ibddata’ file in the folder that contains the database. This software allows you to perform selective recovery of the database and then use to perform recovery process of the selected data items by showing the preview list of database.
To do this, your entire InnoDB database starts scanning the file and after getting completion of the scan process, choose the desired location where a user wants to save the recovered file of the MySQL object without any mistakes of the system file.

About Testimonials:-

Hello friends, I need to repairs my MySQL database at my desired location and needed to do selective items to choose from. While I was searching for the solution of this issues. My friend told me to use Stellar Phoenix Database Repair for MySQL software that will easily repair entire damages file without making any mistake. After using this software, my entire database will easily get retrieved without any modification with the original and also save it on desired location. Andrew, London.

Accidentally, I had got deleted my MySQL database, which is essential for me and contains very precious information. Now, I was searching for some way to get it back without any damages. I had seen the Stellar Phoenix Database Repair for MySQL software that will help me easily recover entire my damages file. It gives you the solution to restore all damages file without any modification to the existing database. Helen, U.S.A.

Hello guys, here I am going to share my experience with MySQL data recovery issues. In some situation, I was lost my entire MySQL database and had no solution to get it back without any damages. My close friend suggests me to use Stellar Phoenix Database Repair for MySQL that gives an option for multiple selections of a database and will easily recover your entire lost database without any mistakes. It was my pleasant experience that helps to complete recovery of the lost database. Joseph, Moscow.

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