Complete Summary on Stellar Drive Clone software

Stellar Drive Clone is known as one of the finest and popular application. It has been mainly used to creates lots of clones and creates a particular image file for hard drives, partition volumes and other external hard drives. It is considered as Mac cloning utility that usually compatibles with FAT, HFS, NTFS and other particular drive formats. It also creates specific image of Mac hard drives and other Mac volumes. 

amazinWith the help of this cloning program, you can freely create the backups of files and folders in selected volumes. In addition, the primary function of Stellar Drive Clone is to transfer various files from one to another hard drives, partitions, external storage media and other solid-state drives.                



What are the amazing features of Stellar Drive Clone software ?

This essential utility is highly capable of cloning of password protected hard drives and selected volumes.

It has user-friendly and secure interface, so anyone can easily operate this.             

Like other tools, it is available in free or trial version.

With the help of free version of this software, you can easily see the preview of cloned files.

It helps you restore volumes from folders, sub-folders from image file.

This proficient program is compatible with Mac 10.5, 10.6, 10.7 and other newest version MacOS High Sierra.

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Detailed key features of Stellar Drive Clone software

 Creates clones Mac hard drive to SSD                                         

It is a powerful and advance utility which is mainly used to clone normal hard drives or disks to Solid-state drive(SSD). This new version of hard drive has fast processing speed than other hard disks. Due to its great efficiency, it has no any corruption level, so it does not leads your stored data to severe damages. In some rare situations, your stored files may be damaged due to other worst circumstances. This type of tool can perform cloning task within few seconds.

Clones Mac Hard Disks and Volumes

This powerful software is mainly designed to clones Mac hard Drives, external hard disks and other normal volumes. It also clones the volumes to several destination such as hard drive, selected volume and specified folder. With the help of this clone hard drive tool, you can easily create the copy of your Mac hard disks. It can easily serve as a specific backup in disastrous situations that includes frequent system crash, corruption in internal hard drive crash, due to inaccessibility of vital data. Additionally, Stellar Drive Clone is programmed with robust technology that facilitates cloning of whole hard disk to other hard drive and also used to clones desired partitions to another network volumes.

Restore Mac hard drive’s data

The ‘Restore’ feature of this cloning application helps you restore Mac hard drive or HFS volumes to their original state. It copies all data stored within the hard disk drive clone or disk image file (.DMG) faster than you can do manually and also eliminates the chances of human error. You need to select the cloned folder or disk image file from the source path and provide a destination to which the software will restore your valuable data.

Disk picture creation

While a clone creates a replica of your hard drive, a disk image creates a type of snapshot of your hard drive ignoring any bad sectors and unused file space on it. Thus, if you experience missing data scenarios on your system and suspect that bad sectors are developing on your Mac, then image your Mac hard drive using this software to preserve the good sectors before they also get damaged. The image file (DMG) is stored on the hard drive and can be used to access lost or inaccessible data.

Creating backups of Mac hard drives

It is essential and proficient application which assists you to creates backup of hard disks or volumes on the daily, weekly or monthly basis. It will generate another option in order to executes number of additional activities and process instantly. Not only this, it creates backup options on hard disks freely. So, you can freely create a backup on other external storage devices.

Supports Multiple Formats of File Systems

This hard drive clone software uses advance technology to clones HFS-plus, HFS, FAT, ExFAT and other numerous formats of file systems. It also conducts robust function to clones any NTFS formatted disk to ExFAT formatted disk in Mac OS’s latest version. In addition, it generates

Generates Options to alters Process completion

This software has intuitive interface, so you can easily complete your tasks related with hard drive clones. For instance, the tool can set custom tones to the end-task process of Mac hard disks. Then, when the cloning process get finished, you can protect your system from worst circumstances. It supports backup options in which you can check this software related notifications on alternate basis.

Changes the sizes of Hard Drive Volumes 

When the hard drive’s cloning process is completed, you may detect the selected drive has been saved in specified location. This clone software generate a specific option through which you can easily resize of hard drive or volumes, the extra internal space on the disk may be utilized for a long time.

Creates a Bootable disk image

In some cases your Mac system is running very slow due to start up issues, then your system got accidentally crashed for a certain duration. This cloning application helps you to create a special bootable drive option or other external storage media stick that can be carried for several times. In this ways, this cloning tool helps you to creating in another bootable drive image, so you can easily reboot your Mac system. This special image file can be save on your external storage media in form .DMG image format. Now, you can allow multiple legitimate applications on the storage media and then run from the bootable disk or USB.

Generates alternate Mac System

In some worst circumstances, your Mac OS is not able to run wit its advance features due to some technical issues. With the help of this cloning too, you can create an alternate Mac system that would act as a real computer machine. You will notice this alternate feature operates with other legitimate files that includes Apple’s default programs, so your all types of files and folders are saved on specific programs. Here, one main point is, booting option may be faster than other Bootable storage media.


Specifications of Stellar Drive Clone Software


Processor : Intel                       

Supports Mac OS : This tool is compatible with Mac OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6 and other latest version Mac OS High Sierra.

Use internal space : 1 GB Minimum

Hard disk : Uses 50 MB of free spaces

License and version : It has single user license, it can only use on a single system.

Language supports : It has easy and user-friendly interface, it supports multiple languages including English, French, Dutch, German and so others.

Frequently Asked Questions              

A few days ago, I have created a bootable USB on a system using an Intel Processor. Is there any method to this bootable USB to boot a system ? 

No, the bootable media is mainly used to boot the same PC based machine, in such ways, if you create a bootable media on an Intel system then it cannot used on a PC machine having Power processor.

How can I clone Mac partition to a selected network drive using the software ? 

With the help of Stellar Drive Clone Software, you can smoothly clone any type of partition or volume to a selected network drive.

Can I use this cloning tool for Power PC machine ?

No, due to limited features, the application does not supports Power PC for a long time.

Can I create a Backup partition with this hard drive clone software ?

The software creates a full backup of NTFS formatted system Bootcamp Partition. It is used to clones NTFS partition to other EXFAT file system.

Is there any ways to clones the data of any NTFS File-system ? 

Yes, with using the software, you can easily clones the data of NTFS File System. In such ways, the created volumes will be directly saved in forms of exFAT File System.



 I am using Stellar Drive Clone Software since from last two days. I found that the efficiency and usability of this application is very well and quite. So, I can easily use this software with purpose of cloning of hard drives, partitions. This software has easy, fast and user-friendly interface, so I can easily use it on multiple versions of Mac Operating Systems. The features of this software are entirely genuine and helpful. It also allows for cloning multiple formats of file-systems. Mike Smith, USA                         

This reliable hard drive clone application is excellent and unique which is specially designed to clones the disk images of Mac hard disks or volumes. With the help of this powerful software or program, I can easily take a full backup of files or data saved on hard drives. So, thanks to the team of developers of this software whose primary concern is to provides the amazing tool for future needs.  James Robert, New York 

It is really powerful software which helps in cloning and creating a particular disk image of Mac hard drives, selected partitions and other external storage devices. It has easy, fast and user-friendly interface, so I can easily use this tool for cloning hard drives. Due to its top-rated reviews, I would recommend to tech savvy users to buy this software from the official site of stellar company.  Henry Smith, Germany                    

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User Guide

User Guide : How To Use of Stellar Drive Clone Software ?

Step 1. First of all, install the software on your Mac system. The installation process may take a few minutes, then launch the program. Here is the software's main interface. To start the cloning process, move your mouse pointer on 'Clone' option from left-side.
Step 2. In next step, you will see the two different options named as 'Clone without resizing' and 'Volume clone'. Now, you need to click on first option that comes with Source and Destination drive used to initiate clone process.
Step 3. After, you need to select second option like Volume Clone. This options includes three options such as Clone to Volume, Clone to Network and Clone to Folder. Select Clone to Volume option and choose selected destination drives and then move to Continue button to begin cloning process.
Step 4. Now, select a hard disk or volume to create a special volume image. Here is a Restore option that helps to create a volume picture in order restore all files or data. In such ways, to save the volume image, select the correct destination path and save in .DMG format.
Step 5. Click on Restore volumes from folder that helps you restore all data of a hard drive or volume. Now, go to Continue option in order to restore data. This process will retrieve all data to the selected volume.
Step 6. Click on Bootable DVD option that enables you to create a Bootable DVD of storage media of Mac hard disk. With using the option, you can copy the maximum system files to the selected volume.
Step 7. In last step, you will see the two different backup options in the bottom area, such as Backup Now and Schedule Backup. If you click on Backup Now option used to create the backups of selected files from volumes. In addition, if you wish to schedule your important file or data in daily or weekly basis then click on Schedule Backup button.

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For more details about Stellar Drive Clone Software, watch the video..


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