How to Repair PST files When Scanpst.exe Can’t Be Started

MS Outlook is an extremely popular and mostly used application now these days. Users mainly used this application to send and receive emails Quickly. It comes with a various attractive feature to complete their regular works. It is a very beneficial feature that not only allows to send and receive email but also allows to store huge amount of data in PST Format. You can save data such as magazines, notes, messages, task, calendar, and others. Instead of all these features, Outlook User some time reported that their saved PST File gets corrupts and damaged due to some reasons and they are unable to work on Outlook properly.

How to Recover PST file Manually?

In case, Your PST file get corrupts and damaged then you can recover it with the help of an inbuilt tool called Scanpst.exe. It is just like the First Aid Kit. It can solve the minor problem of Outlook and can recover damaged, corrupted PST File In just a few minutes. Let’s think What happen? when your Scanpst.exe lead to the problem and starts giving errors like Scanpst.exe Can’t Be Started, Scanpst.exe not responding, etc. But before Let’s discuss the reasons due to which Error to Happen.

What are the main reasons that are responsible for the Scanpst.exe Can’t Be Started issue in Outlook?

Here are the main reasons behind the damage and corruption of your PST file and the creation of Scanpst.exe Can’t Be Started issue. You should know these factors that are responsible for the corruption of your PST file and try to avoid these factors so that the PST files stay safe in the future. This article will help you to know the brief overview of the various causes that are responsible for the Unexpected Outlook Errors. Take a close look at the causes to be safe and secure from the occurrence of the Scanpst.exe Can’t Be Started problem. Some of the common causes are discussed below:

Hardware Failure:

There are various circumstances when your hardware is unable to store or transfer PST Files, this situation leads to the PST File Corruption or loss of PST data. This situation also creates the Scanpst.exe Can’t Be Started issue. The hardware failure problems is of three type: Failure of Network Device, Data Storage Device Failure, Sudden Power Failure. Let’s discuss each in brief.

Failure of Network Device: In Business, There is a high chance that the PST file is hosted on a network server and you are trying to access it from there through your client computer. There is a chance that some kind of error occurs in network equipment such as cards, routers, hubs or other that could cause damage or corruption to the PST file.

Data Storage Device Failure: There are some cases when your hard drive has bad sectors and accidentally your PST files are stored in such bad sectors, then you start to get an error like Scanpst.exe Can’t Be Started issue. It is almost impossible to read your PST mail data from bad sectors.

Sudden Power Failure: If there is a sudden power failure take place while working on the Outlook and accessing the PST File. Then there is a high chance that your PST file gets damaged.

Other Reasons:

There are some other reasons that are responsible for the PST file Corruption and Issue like Scanpst.exe Can’t Be Started occur. They are:

Virus Attack: Viruses can damage your PST files or make them completely inaccessible. Downloading freeware from untrusted sources or using untrustworthy disk drives can cause the virus that damages your PST and there is also high chance that it also affects your inbuilt tool scanpst.exe or starts displaying errors like scanpst not responding, or Scanpst.exe Can’t Be Started etc

Closing Outlook unexpectedly: It is also advised that first save your Files and then close the Outlook by Close or Exit Button. You should never close the outlook sudden or abnormally, this will cause the PST files to be damaged and become inaccessible.

These are some causes that are responsible for the same error. But if you take certain precautions, this can be avoided. Let’s discuss some precautions:

What are the major steps or precautions you can take to avoid Scanpst.exe Can’t Be Started error and PST file corruption?

These are some major precaution that will help you to avoid the Scanpst.exe Can’t Be Started issue or stop the corruption of the PST file. Kindly follow these steps to keep your Outlook Safe:

  • Prevent the system from virus attack
  • Don’t don’t terminate the system abruptly
  • Always avoid storing PST file On Server
  • Distribute the load of the email.

If you will follow these measures then your PST files stay healthy and The error like Scanpst.exe Can’t Be Started will not bother you anymore. In case, instead of following these measure, you PST file Gets corrupts or Scanpst.exe unable to recover due to a problem then you can take help of Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair Tool. Let’s take a look at the software and its feature:

About Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair Tool

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair Software is the most reliable tool that can easily repair PST file. It can easily repair PST file that is corrupted or damaged due to physical as well as the logical issue. Additionally, it can also restore email from password protected or encrypted PST. The best part of this software is that it has an Attractive GUI interface that makes the software easy to use for even non-technical users. The trial version of the software is available for free. But one thing you must keep in mind that the trial version has some limitation. As it only allows to scan and preview the recoverable PST file does not allow to save them. Download the trial version to know the working efficiency of the software.

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