How to effectively Re-size Boot Camp Partitions

Do you ever think about resizing the boot camp partition? Do you know that how to effectively change the size of the boot camp partition? Do you know how to resize the boot camp without any data loss? Are you want to know whether free professional tool help to change the size of the boot camp? If you answer is positive then you reached the right place. Here we will provide you the best solution to this issue.

Usually when we are talking about the resizing the boot camp, some users eager to know about these questions like what is Boot camp partition? why do we need to change the size of the boot camp partition? How to change the size of the boot camp efficiently? Let’s take a look at all these questions.

What is boot camp?

Boot Camp partition is a multi-boot utility tool that is the part of the Apple Inc.’s OS X. it helps the users to install the Windows operating system on the Intel-based Mac system. This tool helps the users to partition the hard drive and install the Windows OS without destroying it. you can say that the Boot Camp utility helps to divide your hard drive into two partitions. One partition is used by the Mac itself to run the OS, and the other is used to start the Windows operating system. This disk partition is required to run two completely different operating systems. Because Macs and Windows do not work in the same format. Windows operates on NTFS, while Mac runs on Mac OS X, for example, Journaled. And so partitioning disk drives allow both OS to work separately with their own format on the same Drive. This NTFS partition is also called boot camp partitions that are used to install Windows.

Why do we need to re-size the boot camp partition?

Once you create an NTFS Boot Camp Partition using boot camp utility, you can efficiently install the windows on this boot camp Partition. You can underestimate the Size of the Boot Camp Section while creating the partition for the Windows operating system. There are several times that the users need more storage space in the boot camp partition or you want to crop an extra space from it. This is a serious requirement for many Mac users, which Apple has not yet decided. Typically, you can contact Disk Utility to help resize Mac partitions, you can find its location/applications/utilities. However, Disk Utility can not extend or reduce the Boot camp partition through this section of the NTFS file system. So, it’s easy to change the size of the Boot Camp partition. If you ask Apple for help, the solution can back up your data to the Boot camp section, Delete it, and then create a new boot camp partition of the correct size and reinstall Windows. For the vast majority of users, this is not an ideal solution.

How to re-size boot camp partition Manually

As you know that, if you want to re-size partition then you can directly access the Disk Utility Tool which is located at the applications/utilities. With this tool, you can increase or decrease the sections of HFS + (Mac OS X) on the fly, with resizing in real time, regardless of whether the drive is internal or external, or even bootable. However, Disk Utility can not expand or reduce the Boot camp partition because it is a part of the Windows NTFS file system. So, it is not a simple task to change the size of the Boot camp partition.

Note: Changing the size of partitions, even non-destructive is a task that should not be performed without a back-up. With Backup Files, you can efficiently recover your system and important data after a system crash (some people reported that their OS was damaged after resizing boot camp partition).

Manual Method to re-size the Boot Camp Partition

Step 1: Back up all the information and data in your Windows partition.Step 2. Remove Windows from your Mac System.
Steps to remove Windows from Mac

  • Start your Mac in OS X
  • Run Disk Utility ( to access the disk utility, you Just press Command+Space to open the spotlight, search Disk Utility and press enter Button.
  • Choose Windows disk, click the delete button, select Mac OS Extended format and press the delete button.

Step 3: Decrease the Mac partition space to free up the more space.

Step 4: In the free space, create a large Windows partition

Step 5: Recover the data you backup

There are various data loss factors associated with the Disk Utility tool to execute mac partition. It is an inbuilt function for creating a new partition and resizing the existing volume on mac hard drive. Changing the size includes decreasing or increasing partition space. When you reduce the size of the volume then the unused space is free. However, when you increase the size of the volume then you need enough space on your hard drive. Since the partition on which you performs the operation includes data. Any kind of mistake can lead to the loss of data. Therefore, manual steps are not advisable for the novice users. They are highly advised to go through the third party tool called Stellar Partition manager. Let’s take a look at the software and its features.

Stellar Partition Manager is a unique tool that is capable of performing basic partition operations such as create a partition, delete a partition, hide partition, format partition and others. It is able to resize the Boot Camp Partition inefficient way. This software is designed using the latest technology and Graphical User Interface that make the software easy to use for the nontechnical user. It is compatible with all the version of the Mac operating system. The trial version of the software is available for free but one thing you must keep in mind that the trial version has some limitation. Download the trial version to check the working efficiency of the software.


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