Easy Steps to Repair Excel Document of a Flash Drive

Hello friends! I have created a report in MS Excel and used Flash Drive to share it on multiple system. Accidentally, i pressed Ctrl + X keys while copying the file. After sometime, when i connected my Flash Drive to another system then it was empty. I don’t have any backup in my system also and this report is extremely important for me. Is there any method to get back lost excel document from the Flash Drive? Please help me, it is extremely important for me. Thanks in advance.

In this era, computer has become extremely important part of everyone’s life. MS Excel is a part os MS Office which is used to create report, manage the account and many more. Sometimes, user need to transfer the files to another system then they make use of Flash or USB drive. In fact, you can also save the copy on a flash drive as a backup to use later. It is a portable device which can be carried anywhere easily. It is available in various sizes from 1 GB to 256 GB and many more. You can choose according to your need and requirements. In a Flash drive, you can save any type of documents, images, videos, audio, PDF etc. However, sometimes due to unwanted circumstances, the important Excel sheet of the users gets damaged or deleted from the USB devices. If you have stored a copy of the file in your PC then you can restore it easily but in case, if you have cut the document and pasted in the USB then it will be lost forever.

What are the main reasons for damage of Excel Documents?

User can lose their important Excel documents from the Flash Drive due to various reasons. Some of the important points has been mentioned below:-

  • Connecting the Flash drive with infected system.
  • Damage of files is also possible due to physical reasons. It means broken of stems and connectors, NAND gate, circuit, Dead drive, device becomes inaccessible and many more.
  • Ejecting the USB during file transfer process.
  • Abrupt termination or no power supply when file is in use.

How to Restore Excel Document from Flash Drive?

You need to know that there are three methods which will help you to get back your important documents. You are suggested to follow the steps which are discussed below:-

Method 1: Restore File from Windows Backup:-

Windows provides option to create backup of the USB devices also. If you have enabled it before then you will be able to restore the files easily by following the mentioned steps:-

  • Connect the USB device with your Windows PC.
  • Open My Computer and Double click on the USB drive. Now, you need to check if the exists here or not.
  • If corrupted copy of Excel file is available then you need to right click on it and select “Restore Previous version” option.

  • You will detect all the backups will appear.
  • You just need to select one of the backup and finally click on Restore option.

Method 2: Get Back your Excel Files with Command Line

It is also a tested and approved method which will help you to get back the lost files. You are advised to follow the given steps carefully:-

  • Connect the flash drive with the system.
  • Press Windows + R keys together to open the Run command and type cmd.

  • You need to enter the following command “attrib -h -r -s /s /d (USB Drive Letter):\*.*” and hit Enter key. You can change the USB Drive Letter with the name of your drive.
  • Now, windows will start to repair all the files available in the flash drive.
  • After the successful process, you will be able to open the Excel file easily.

Method 3: Execute ChkDsk Command on the Flash Drive:-

  • Open the Run command from the Start menu and type cmd.
  • Now, type “chkdsk /X /f (USB Drive Letter)” and press Enter key.

  • It will carefully check the disks and repair the damaged files quickly.

Point to Remember: Users need to know that the aforesaid steps requires technical knowledge and more time. It does not provide 100% guarantee of the file recovery. If you will enter any wrong command then you will not be able to work normally on the PC as crashing or freezing of the operating system is also possible. Thus, if you are non-technical user then you should avoid following these steps.

Method to Get Back Damaged Excel Documents:-

If you have followed all the given methods and still you are unable to access your Excel documents then we suggest you to make use of Stellar Repair for Excel software. It is one of the advanced tool which has been designed by the technical experts. It comes with simple installation steps and carries ability to conduct deep scanning in the PC to repair the severely corrupted files. Even more, it will also help you to restore the permanently deleted documents from USB, Flash Drive or different versions of Windows based PC.

Stellar Repair for Excel tool supports user-friendly interface which helps the non-technical users to handle it easily. It will provide step-by-step instructions during the scanning process. Additionally, it will also display the preview of all the recovered files and allows the users to choose their desired location. This tool has lots of advanced features which is gaining popularity among the users across the world. The trial version of the software is also available which you can download it to check the software performance and efficiency. But it has a limitation, it will not help you to save the repaired files. If you want to save the file then you have to buy the paid version of the software to make use of its more advanced features.

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