Learn the Simple Method to Repair DNG Files Immediately

Are you unable to access the DNG Files due to corruption issues? Do you get error messages at the time of opening the DNG photos? Have you accidentally erased all the raw format photos? Do you want to get back the lost or corrupted files in effective way? If you are facing all these issues then no need to panic because we are here to help you. This post contains all the effective guidelines which will help you to get back DNG files in easiest way. These steps can be followed by the non-technical users also. So, read the article carefully and follow the guidelines thoroughly.


What is DNG Files?

DNG stands for Digital Negative which has been developed by Adobe Inc. in 2004. It is considered as proprietary file which is based on ISO standard raw image. It is a raw file format which is mostly used in the world of digital photography. Mostly, this format is used by Leica, Ricoh, Samsung, Pentax digital camera to save the RAW file photos. However, it is useful but sometimes user loses the file format due to unwanted circumstances. In such a case, you will not be able to view the files. If RAW format gets damaged or deleted then you will not be able to access the photos anymore.

What are the common reasons for damage of DNG Formats?

Human error is the main reason behind damage or removal of DNG photos. Moreover, there are many other factors which has been mentioned below:-

Virus Infection: It is most common reason which will corrupt your important files. Once the dangerous virus invades in the PC, it will modify your file with suspicious codes and makes them inaccessible.

Accidental Deletion: Sometimes, user accidentally removes the DNG files by pressing Shift + Del keys together. It will delete your files permanently which is impossible to recover manually by the users.

File Transfer Error: If you will not be careful during file transfer then your files will be corrupted severely. You should avoid ejecting the data cable during the transfer process. Abrupt termination of the system will also result dangerous for the photos.

Mishandling of the Camera: Capturing photos in low memory or battery will corrupt the stored files severely and error messages will appear on the screen when you will attempt to view such files.

Water Damage: If your SD card gets contact with the water then it will corrupt the card and saved files will become inaccessible.

Common Error Messages after Inaccessible of DNG Files:-

You must know that if any file gets corrupted then it will generate floods of unwanted and annoying error messages on the screen. Some of the commonly faced warning alerts has been discussed below:-

  • DNG is not a supported format.
  • File has been either removed or damaged.
  • Unable to complete the operation.
  • An unknown error occurred while opening the file.
  • Cannot Access DNG Pictures.
  • Please insert a removable media in drive.
  • Do you want to format the SD card?
  • Unable importing DNG Files.
  • Windows can’t open DNG Files.
  • Unsupported file format.

How to Fix Error Messages of DNG Photos?

Unsupported File Format Error:- If you are facing unsupported file format error while opening the DNG files then it means you are using incompatible applications. In such a case, you can switch to Adobe applications, GraphicConverter, IrfanView, Affinity Photo, Nikon’s Capture NX, Canon’s DPP, Gimp etc to open or edit the DNG files. Even after changing the application, you are getting the alert then definitely your photos has been corrupted severely and you need to make use of recovery tools which can recover the photos in a single click.

Sometimes, user makes use of Adobe Photoshop to open the DNG files but still they get lots of annoying error messages which has been given below:-

  • Cannot open file because it is the wrong type of file.’
  • ‘The file is damaged or is a format that cannot be included.’
  • ‘Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document.’
  • ‘Could not complete your request because Photoshop does not recognize this type of file.’

These error message clearly indicates that you are using outdated version of Adobe Photoshop. In such a case, you are suggested to re-install the application and upgrade the latest version.

How to Get Back DNG Photos in Automatic Way?

In order to restore the permanently deleted files, experts has designed DNG Recovery Software. It is a powerful tool which has been developed by the technical experts. It will perform deep scanning in the system using its high level algorithms and powerful mechanisms. This tool is capable to find all the lost, deleted, damaged, corrupted or even encrypted files and helps the users to restore in its actual quality. It supports user-friendly interface which can be handled by the non-technical users also. It will guide you by providing step-by-step instructions during the process. After successful scanning, the tool will display preview and allows the users to save the recovered files at their desired location. It supports lots of advanced features which has increased its popularity in very less time. So, what are you thinking for, download the trial version of the software as early as possible to check its working speed and efficiency.

Stellar DNG Photo Recovery Software is compatible with different versions pf Windows and Mac operating system. You can use the tool to get back all the photos and even videos of different formats. This software comes with lots of advanced features and capable to recover files from different models of digital camera, SD cards, pen drives etc. The best part of the tool is that it does not compromise with the image quality and carries ability to recover in its original format. Hence, users are suggested to download the free copy of the tool. After complete satisfaction, you can buy the licensed version of the software to make use of its advanced features in order to repair and restore lost files immediately.

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