How to Recover WMV Video Files in Effective Method

I was removing unwanted files from my computer. But accidentally, i selected the folder which contained my WMV videos. My important movies got deleted permanently as i pressed Shift + Del keys. I don’t have any backup to restore the lost videos. I really don’t know the method to recover the deleted video files. If you have any idea about it then please help me. All the suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


What is WMV Video Files?

WMV stands for Windows Media Video (WMV) which is considered as video compression format. It has been developed by the Microsoft Corporation. These files makes use of Microsoft’s Advanced System Format (ASF) container format which is mostly played on Windows Media Player. You need to know that these files are unreadable on Apple devices or even Mac QuickTime player. It does not require huge space in the system memory as its file size is small. However, user keep these files in their PC or memory card to keep it safe for long time. But due to some circumstances, your file will become inaccessible and stop responding. There are many reasons which are responsible for corruption or deletion of WMV video files. Some of the common points has been mentioned below:-

Accidental Deletion: Sometimes, WMV files gets erased due to silly mistake of the users. While deleting the unwanted files, user accidentally selects their important videos or files. If you will press Shift + Del keys together then your files will be removed permanently which is impossible to restore manually.

Changing the Extension Improperly: WMV videos are incompatible with Mac operating system. Many times, it is seen that when user fails to play the file on QuickTime player then they change the video extension manually. If you will opt improper method then it is possible that your video will be corrupted severely.

SD Card Corruption: If you will connect your memory card with the infected devices then it is possible that your files will be damaged severely. Even downloading files from the infected sites can also result dangerous for the other saved files.

Memory Full Issue: If you will keep capturing the photos when SD card is full then it is possible that your previous files will be erased or new files may not get saved. In such a case, you will lose your precious pictures. Additionally, clicking pictures in low battery can also result dangerous for your saved files.

Factory Reset Option: If you will choose factory resetting option without keeping the backup of your important files or videos then it will delete all your data completely.

Virus or malwarare attacks: System can easily get infected when you will visit unauthorized sites and downloads suspicious files or even click on the links. It can bring bundles of malicious threats in the system. These virus or spyware will pose worst impacts on the saved files and makes them completely inaccessible.

What are the common error messages after damage of WMV videos?

You should know that if any video file gets corrupted then it becomes inaccessible. When you will attempt to open the damaged files, you will find floods of error messages or warning alerts on the screen. Some of the common messages which are faced by the users has been mentioned below:-

  • Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the required video codec is not installed on your computer.
  • Windows Media Player cannot play, burn, rip, or sync the file because a required audio codec is not installed on your computer.
  • A codec is required to play this file. To determine if this codec is available to download from the Web, click Web Help.
  • Invalid File Format.
  • An unknown error occurred while opening the file.
  • Selected file does not exists in the memory.

Users need to know that when any WMV video file gets permanently deleted or corrupted then it gets transfer to a hidden location which is difficult to access manually. In reality, these files can be recovered if you will take some precautions which has been mentioned below:-

  • Switch off the camera immediately.
  • Do not overwrite the space with another file.
  • Stop using the memory or SDHC cards until the file gets recovered.

After following these steps, you are suggested to make use of WMV Recovery Software. It is one of the best software which has been designed by technical experts. It makes use of high level programming algorithms and mechanisms to perform deep scanning in the system. After successful process, it will display the preview of all the recovered files. Users need to select their important videos and click on Recover button to save the files. The best part of the tool is that it supports easy-to-use interface which can be handled by the non-technical users also. It comes with lots of advanced features which also allows the users to save the recovered files at their desired location. So, what are you thinking for, download the trial version of the tool to check its working efficiency and performance.

Preventive Steps to Avoid Video Loss in Future:-

If you will take some precautions then you will never face any data loss situations in future. Some of the important points has been mentioned below:-

  • Always keep backup of your important files.
  • Do not visit any suspicious pages or click on the links.
  • Always read EULA (End Users Licensed Agreements) carefully before downloading free software.
  • Do not capture photos or videos when memory is full or battery is low.
  • Always scan the external devices before using in the system.
  • Perform full scanning of the PC regularly to protect it from harmful threats.
  • Do not eject the able while transferring the video files in the system.

If you are unable to play WMV videos due to damage or corruption then download the software now to get back your lost files in just few clicks.

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