Effective way Recover lost Data From Hard Drive

Windows system is very popular among users. They loved to use a Windows system to complete their work. These days, the users do not want to maintain heavy books, file Cabinet, and books to keep our data manually. We were looking for a computer system storage where we store all the important information. System hard disk is a very important hardware that stores all information such as images, audios, videos, apps, PDF, and many more. But sometimes, the data from the Hard drive get lost and corrupted due to unwanted reasons. What happens if you lose those files? How you recover all those data? If you have problems like that when you reached the right place. Here we will be going to discuss the reasons for data loss in Windows system and also discuss the causes for the data loss. Let’s discuss all those scenarios.

What are the causes of the data loss from Hard Drive?

Although personal computers today are becoming very complex, you have to remember that they are still machines. And can behave badly, especially if you do not take care of them properly. After your computer does not work, you can suffer from a catastrophic loss of data. There are various circumstances under which the data from the hard drive get lost. Some of the common reasons are explained below:

Heat: This is one of the most common reasons for the failure of the hard disk and is happening too often. Due to improper ventilation or a damaged processor fan, the system is heated to a maximum and causes a sudden accident on the hard drive or serious damage to the computer equipment that is irreversible.

Malicious malware and virus attack: there are lost of a dangerous virus that is specially written for the Windows system. If your system is infected with several dangerous viri such as Trojan, Ransomware, Adware, Worms, Rootkits, Keylogger and so on. Then this virus completely destroyed your all stored data from the hard drive. Therefore, it is highly advised the users to keep secure their system from viruses.

Accidental Deletion: generally, it happens that the users accidentally deleted their entire data that is stored on the hard drive while removing unwanted files. If you just press Delete Key then all the data move to Recycle Bin and therefore can be restored Quickly. In case, you press “Shift + Del” Key then all the data from the hard drive get deleted permanently. And you can not recover those files manually.

Firmware or manufacturer issue: This problem mainly occurs with the new hard drive that prevents it from working properly. This can happen even a few days after the purchase, and there is a chance that the manufacturer has put a faulty drive. These types of hard disks are sold to the customer without testing.

Sudden Power failure: in case, you are transferring your important data from hard drive to the system and sudden power failure occurs when there is high chance that your all data from the hard drive got deleted and corrupted.

In addition, physically damaged or logical error of the hard drive is also prime reasons for the data loss in the hard drive. Therefore, users are highly advised to keep backups of their important data. This will help the users to get back their files Quickly in case of damage, corruption or deletion of the data. You should be aware that the Windows operating system also allows users to create a restore point. This means that the file is working well, then you can back up. If such circumstances arise in the future, you will be able to recover files from the same date for a few clicks

There is the various way to recover Deleted and corrupted data manually. But the manual process is not advisable for the novice user. Because it takes too much time and very risky. Even a single mistake can lead to the huge data loss on the system. Therefore, we have always advised the users to take help of Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery Software. Let’s take a look at the software and its features.

About Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery Software

Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery Software is one of the most famous recovery software. It has the ability to recover lost, damaged and deleted data in just a few minutes. It can also recover missing or corrupted partition and accidentally formatting hard drive. It has a GUI interface that can be easily handled by even a non-technical user. It uses a high-level mechanism algorithm to completely scan the system and hard drive and recover the lost data.

Advanced key features of Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery Software

Due to its advanced feature and working performance, the software gain high popularity in less time. Some of the advanced key features are discussed below:

Deleted File Recovery: the software allow the user ti recover deleted and corrupted data from any type of storage media such as Hard Drive, memory card, SD card and so on.

Recover Lost or Deleted Email Files: this unique software is also beneficial for email users. Because this software has the feature to recover emails.

Restore data from Encrypted Hard Drives: this software also has the ability to restore data from the encrypted Hard drive.

The trial version of the software is available for free. But one thing you must keep in mind that the trial version has some limitation. As it can only show the preview of the recoverable file does not allow to save them. If you want to save then you have to buy its licensed version. Download the trial version to check the working efficiency of the software.

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