Tips to recover Deleted/Corrupted BootCamp Partition

“Hello everyone. Yesterday, I accidentally deleted an important BootCamp partition when I tried to create a new partition in my Mac system. I do not even have an updated backup of the deleted data in the BootCamp section. Also, I tried to undo the action by looking at the trash but I could not find it. Now I want to recover the deleted BootCamp Partition. if there is an easy way to help restore a deleted BootCamp partition in Mac then suggest me. Any suggestions to know how to restore a deleted BootCamp partition will be highly appreciated”.

What is the BootCamp partition?

BootCamp partition is a multiple boot Utility. It allows the users to install the Microsoft Windows operating system on an Intel-based Mac system. In another world, it enables dual boot between Mac System and Windows system. Dual booting is very beneficial and provides lots of useful purposes. But sometimes, Mac User may notice that the Bootcamp Partition is running Out of space and they can delete the delete the available partition on the Mac system to increase the size. What will you do, in case the deleted BootCamp Partition contain lost of important files. In such a situation, you just stop using the Drive and read this article carefully. Here we will be going to discuss the recovery of deleted BootCamp Partition.

If you are facing the loss of BootCamp Partition on your Mac system then don’t worry, as you can get an effective solution here. Generally, the deletion of Boot Camp Partition may be encountered by many users of the Mac System. Therefore, loss of data from the BootCamp is an infinite story. Deletion is the most common reason for losing important information from the BootCamp partition.

What are the main reasons for deletion of BootCamp Partition?

No matter how much care you are, BootCamp Partition will become inaccessible or not responding due to some reasons. There are various reasons that are responsible for the deletion or corruption of the BootCamp Partition in mac system. Some of the common causes are discussed below:

Accidental Deletion of BootCamp Partition: Sometimes, BootCamp Partition gets deleted or corrupted due to silly mistakes. While deleting the unwanted files, the mac users accidentally delete the BootCamp Partition which means a lot for the Users. As it contains important data.

Repartitioning Failure: sometimes you can accidentally remove a partition containing important files when you resize or merge your partitions during a repartitioning operation.

BootCamp Partition deletion during Reinstallation: when you reinstall the OS then you have then you have the option to delete the partition of your Choice. By mistake, you deleted the BootCamp Partition instead of the other leads to the loss of data.

Malicious malware and virus attack: Mac system is considered as the most secure and virus free operating system. But there is some infection that specially written for the Mac system. If your Mac system gets infected with dangerous malware when you visit some suspicious sites or downloading freeware programs. This malware poses the bad impact on the BootCamp Partition Data And makes them completely inaccessible.

Therefore, it is always advised the users to create and maintain a backup of their data. If the data loss occurs then you can easily recover it from the available backups. But in case, due to lack of awareness you forget to create and update backups then it hurts you a lot. As nobody wants to lose their important data. But all the above-mentioned reasons make your data completely inaccessible. Do not worry, here is the good news for you. It is possible to retrieve deleted BootCamp Partition. And it is only done with the help of Mac Data Recovery Software. Let’s take a look at the software and its features:

About Mac Data Recovery Software

Mac Data Recovery Software is safe and extremely powerful software that is specially designed to Recovery deleted corrupted and damaged data from the Mac Computers. It uses its advanced scanning algorithm to completely scan the drive and detect the recoverable data. In addition, it supports a recovery of deleted and corrupted BootCamp Partition. It has an attractive GUI interface the make the software easy to use for even nontechnical users. The best part of this software is that it does not compromise with the quality of the recovered files and recover it in its original Quality. Moreover, it comes with a variously advanced feature that helps you a lot in recovering of the files.

How to recover BootCamp Partition with the help of Software:

You will be happy to know that this software can easily recover you deleted BootCamp Partition. You just need to follow the steps which are given below:

Step 1: First you need to download and install Mac Data Recovery software on your Mac System.

Step 2: starts the software to recover your deleted BootCamp Partition and customize the scan process with a toggle button.

Step 3: After that select you BootCamp Partition which you want to get back and turn on the toggle button to Deep Scan.

Step 4: The software starts scanning your BootCamp Partition.

Step 5: After completing the scan, you can view the recoverable files from the BootCamp Partition. Double-click the file to start the preview.

Step 6: On the last but most important step of the process, you will need to register the Mac Data Recovery software. After registering, you can safely restore data to another destination.

The Trial Version of the software is available for free. But one thing you must keep on mind that the trial version has some limitation. As it only shows the preview of the recoverable file does not allow to save them. If you want to save then purchase its licensed version.

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