How to Recover Deleted Photos of Kingston Memory Card

I am using 32GB Kingston memory card in my smartphone. I have captured lots of photos during a trip so I thought to transfer them in my system. I don’t know what happened but my system got freeze for sometime. After restarting when I attempt to continue the process then I found that SD card was blank. I am unable to find any photos or other files. Please help me to restore the lost photos immediately. All the suggestions will be highly appreciated.


About Kingston Memory Card:-

Kingston SD (Secure Digital) Card is one of the most popular brand among the memory card. It in available in different sizes ranging from 1GB to 128 GB and more. It is designed in such a way which can be used in different brands of digital camera, mobile phones as well as portable devices. It is widely used due to its small size and high compatibility features. Even more, it also comes with write protect mode feature through which you can lock the SD card in order to stop adding new files or deleting from the card. But you know accidents can happen at anytime. Many users loses the important photos and videos from the card. It may happen due to several circumstances which has been described below:-

Corruption of SD Card: Kingston memory card can easily gets damaged if you will download infected files from the web and store in it. Even more, mishandling of the card and ejecting it during file transfer can damage your files severely and makes them accessible.

Abrupt Termination of the System: It is one of the common reason for the corruption of photos. If you have connected the card with PC and suddenly, it gets restarted then chances of data loss is high.

Memory Full Error: If you are capturing more images when memory is full then it is possible that your files will be severely damaged and becomes inaccessible.

Accidental Deletion: Many times, user accidentally presses Shift + Del keys together at the time of viewing the pictures or removing the unwanted files. Moreover, formatting the memory card without keeping the backup can also delete your files permanently.

Read/Write Error: If there is Read/Write error in the Kingston memory card then you will neither able to write new files nor delete the saved ones. It is also a major reason for data loss situation.

Common Error Messages After File Corruption:

Once the photos of Kingston SD card gets corrupted or deleted then you will not be able to view them. It is also possible that floods of error message will appear on the screen when you will try to view the damaged photos. The common error messages which are faced by the users has been mentioned below:-

  • Images.jpg does not exists in the memory.
  • An unknown error occurred while opening the file.
  • Do you want to format the Kingston memory card?
  • Read/Write error.
  • Selected file is damaged.
  • The file is incompatible with the photo viewer application.

Users need to know that when any file gets deleted or corrupted in memory card then it gets shifted to a hidden location which you can’t view manually. It can be restored if you will stop using the memory card and do not overwrite the space with another file. After that, you need to make use of MP4 Recovery Software which is a powerful tool designed by the technical experts. This advanced software makes use of strong algorithms and high level mechanisms to perform scanning process. It has capability to restore the permanently deleted as well as repair the corrupted or damaged video files.

The best part of the software is that it does not compromise with the file quality and recovers in its original format. This amazing software comes with user-friendly interface which can be used by the non-technical users also. Apart from MP4, it will help you get back the photos and videos of all other popular formats also. The tool is compatible with different versions of Windows and Mac operating system. You can check its working efficiency and functions by downloading the trial version. After complete satisfaction you can buy the full version to make use of its advanced features.

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How can you protect your files from being damaged or deleted?

Sometimes, user loses their important photos due to silly mistakes. If you will take some precaution then you will not have to face the photo loss situation. You just need to take some precautions in order to avoid data loss situation. Some of the important points has been given below:-

  • Do not capture images when card is full.
  • Avoid visiting infected sites or clicking on suspicious links to protect from virus infection.
  • Don’t eject the data cable during file transfer.
  • Perform deep scanning in the system to remove the presence of harmful spyware or malware.
  • Don’t connect your SD card with the infected devices.

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