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About Stellar Partition Manager for Mac System

Mac System is considered as one of the safe and secure OS in the World. But, in spite of that, users may suffer some problems like hard drives failure, file corruption, virus attack and so on. So, to avoid this type of problem, you need to create the partition in Mac system. Stellar Partition Manager is a most reliable tool which is able to manage disk partition of Mac system safely. It can help you to create, hide, reveal, shift, format, delete and resize Mac partition on your Mac hard drive.

With the help of this useful tool, you can easily and comfortably manage all volumes in the drive. In all such requirements, Partition tool is user-friendly and extremely useful. This disk partition manager can format your drives and create a new partition from the available free spaces. It makes allow you to shift volumes up and down so that you can resize the existing partition with 100% surety and safety. Stellar Partition Manager helps users since 1993 and it is awarded by Review Harbor and EssentialMac.

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Features of Software

  • It is user-friendly and easily usable for non-technical users also
  • It easily creates a new partition on Mac hard drive
  • It is able to resize formats or delete the existing partition in Mac
  • It resizes Boot Camp and NFTS partition with ease
  • It resizes Mac partition by optimizing the free space
  • It easily compatible with MacOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.09, 10.08, 10.07, 10.06

Detailed Features of Stellar Partition Manager

Create Mac Partition

The software allows you to create partition easily and safely on your Mac hard drive. There are two purposes to create a new Mac partition. One is through Boot Camp Assistant method, which is used to set-up different OS in new partition and other is through Disk Utility. If you want to use another operating system along with Mac OS X and want to create a new volume to store your important data, then you will need to make a second partition space in your Mac hard drive with the suitable Partition tool like Stellar Partition Manager Software. This reliable tool provides a user-friendly and simple platform for creating or adding new partitions to the Mac hard drive.

Delete Mac Partition

With the help of Partition Manager Software, users can easily delete a partition on their drive to create more free space for the hard disk. In other cases, volumes of Mac system corrupted or become completely inaccessible then in such condition, the existing partition or volumes need to be deleted before creating the fresh partition. Stellar Partition Manager is so useful tool that works with strong algorithm and helps users to delete the partition in their Mac system. With highly-advanced graphical user-interface, this tool gives an easy platform to delete unwanted volumes or partitions.

Resize Mac Partition

Partition Manager for Mac system resizes the partitions on any drive by recognizing and adjusting the free space that makes surety to free from any risk or data loss. Most of the time users install or download some application and users face this situation that the partition demands more storage. To assign more space or volume, Mac Partition Manager resizes partition for maximum data storage and faster data access without any data loss. This innovative tool can be effectively reliable in improving the data storage efficiency of Mac hard drive.

Format Mac Partition

Mac Partition Tool assists quick and easy formatting of partitions when you want to completely rid of entire data from drives or volume to remove the unwanted virus and dubious programs from the hard drive. Due to unwanted files or dubious programs, sometimes your partition or separate space of drives gets corrupted and you want to wipe out the entire partition. If the volume or partition is unable to access and you got the backup of your data then you can format the volume and refuse it again. Stellar Partition Manager is a powerful utility for formatting Mac partition with advanced graphical user-interfaces. This tool is useful for the users who face problem while formatting their partition in Mac hard drive.

Resize Boot Camp partitions and MFTS drives

With this reliable tool, you can easily resize the Boot Camp partition so that you access Windows and Mac OS both in Mac system. Boot Camp is an application from Apple Inc that helps users to install MS Windows operating system on Intel-based Mac. Users can easily install any Windows OS in Mac system due to Boot Camp. You can also connect their NFTS formatted PC drives and resize the partition space as per need. Mac Partition manager allows users to resize Boot Camp Partition and adjust the size of Mac and Window partition.

Software Specification

  • Processor: Intel
  • Version:
  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Hard Disk: 50 MB of free space
  • Licence and version: Single user licence
  • Interface Available: English
  • Operating System: macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 & 10.6

User Guide of OSX Partition Manager

After installing and reading the terms and condition of Partition manager software, you need to read the guide that how to use this software:

Step 1: Select a drive and enter volume name, Size and format to add a new partition.
Step 2: Select a drive and click delete to delete the selected partition. After that, you will see the task is ready for the process. Click start to run the task.
Step 3: Select drive and click format to format the disk. The task is ready for the process. Click ‘Start’ button to run the task.
Step 4: You can see that various portioning task is available on the select drive. Click ‘Start’ button to run the batch process.
Step 5: Use Mouse on the partition edge to Trim or expand the partition of the desired size. Then click the start button to execute.
Step 6: After that, select start-up drive then click ‘Continue’ button to proceed the work.

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Formative Assessment Question (FAQ)

Is Stellar Partition Manager software scam or not?


No, it is not a scam tool. It is most reliable and useful tool which has a legit source to promote the software. It helps users to manage the partition in Mac system like creating, deleting, hide, resize and formatting the partition in just a few clicks. It supports on all versions of Mac system.

Is this software available for discount or free offers?


Yes, this software is available in discounts or by coupons code at the time of purchasing the full version from the official sites of the Stellar Partition manager. But, the full version of Mac Partition manager is not free.

Is the free version of Partition manager of Mac is available?


Yes, Mac Partition Manager Free Version is available on its official site and you can easily download this software from the site. But, there is some limitation in the free version of Stellar Partition manager tool. It can create a partition of your volume or drive but you can’t unable to perform any task in it. So, it is suggested you to buy a paid version of this software to access all features of this reliable software.

Which type of devices or OS it mainly supports?


Stellar Partition Manager mainly supports the Mac-based system like macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 & 10.6.

How I receive Stellar Partition Manager keygen?


After purchasing the Stellar Partition manager software, you will receive the activation and registration key to activate the tool. It is also advised you to never download a pirated version of this software which also holds registration and activation key.

Is this software available on Torrent sites?


Yes, this software is available on the torrent site. But, you are suggested to install it from the official sites of Partition manager of Mac system because torrent is the suspicious site and this site carry lots of viruses and unwanted program.


Just tried the Mac Partition manager free version and I need to say that it is amazing. I only want to see that this software works or not and it creates a new partition my MacBook Air. After that, I purchase the full version this software for more work. I will recommend this software to everyone who needs to make or manage partition on Mac system. Thanks to the developer who create this amazing tool.                           Lisa Parker, Texas

I just wanted to thanks the developer to develop this useful software. At first, I think that it was a scam tool. But, when I install its free version then it makes me sure that is very reliable software which gives all features as it recommends in its content. I just want to format the partition in my Mac system and I am unable to do that. But, this tool did it very easily and effectively. Now, I create a new partition or Boot Camp Partition to use Window OS in my separate volume in Mac system.                                                           Veronica Ann, Las Vegas

Hey, recently I buy MacBook Pro with the Intel-based processor. I want to create a new partition in my system and run Windows operating system. But, I am unable to perform this task. One day, I search for Partition in Mac system and install Stellar Partition Manager tool. You can’t believe that it helps me to not only creating the Boot Camp partition but also deleted the unused partition to free my drive space. I really like this software so much. It solve entire problem related to partitioning in Mac system in a few click. Thanks to the developer of this software to giving us such a useful and reliable tool.                                                       Jhony Gates, Queen (New York)

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