GIF Recovery: How to Recover Corrupted GIF Images in Few Clicks

I have stored a collection of GIF images in a folder. Today, when i tried to view the files, an error message appeared on the screen. I didn’t understood the situation and opened the file on other photo viewer application but faced the same problem. I think my photos has been damaged but i don’t want to lose them at any cost. Could you please help me to recover corrupted GIF images? How can i make my files accessible again? Please provide the necessary guidelines. Thanks in advance.

What is GIF?

GIF stands for Graphical Interchange Format. This type of file is suited for generating animated photos on the web and to process graphical images. It is compatible with all the operating system and web browsers. This format is also used to store the logos as well as Graphical images. It is extremely popular among the users. These type of files also occupies less space in the system memory and can be easily shared on the web. But users never thought that they will lose their important GIF files from the system. It might happen due to corruption, damage or even deletion of the important pictures.

How GIF Pictures Gets Damaged or Deleted?

Interruption During Transfer: If you are transferring the GIF photos from mobile to computer and suddenly data cable got ejected then it might be possible that your pictures will be corrupted. Additionally, power failure during the transfer process will also result dangerous for the GIF files.

Virus Infection: It is quite a common reason for the damage of GIF photos. You should know that a computer virus can penetrate secretly in the system and corrupt all the files to makes them completely inaccessible.

Handling the Device Improperly: If you have stored your photos in the memory card of a digital camera then it is essential to handle the device carefully. The photos easily gets damaged due to broken or mishandling of the camera.

Formatting the Drive: Many times, users format the drive without checking its contents or keeping the backup. In such a circumstances, your files will erased permanently from the drive which is impossible to retrieve again.

Sharing Files on P2P Networks: If you share your files on the peer-to-peer networks then chances for damage or corruption of the files is very high and you will get error messages at the time of accessing the GIF photos.

Moreover, the GIF files can also gets corrupted or deleted due to faulty card reader, connecting the devices to infected ones, changing the file extension improperly, pressing Shift + Del keys together and many more. No matter what the reason is, You will lose your files in all the cases. When you will attempt to open the corrupted photos then lots of error messages will also appear on the screen which is extremely annoying. The most common alerts has been mentioned below:-

  • You are trying to open the corrupted files.
  • Files does not exists in the memory.
  • Unable to complete the operation.
  • Please insert the drive.
  • Input/Output error.

How to Recover Lost GIF Images in Manual Way?

If you have accidentally deleted your GIF files then you can recover them with the help of manual method. The important points has been given below:-

Restore from Backup: This is one of the most common method to get back your damaged or deleted photos. If you have kept the backup of the files at another location then import it quickly in order to view them.

Get Back from Recycle Bin: This folders keeps all the temporary deleted files. If you have accidentally deleted the GIF files then it may be available in the Recycle Bin folder. You can check and restore the files quickly if available.

Download the fresh copy of the files: If you remember the site from where you have downloaded the GIF images then you can again visit the link and download the files to make your files accessible.

The aforesaid manual steps will consume more energy and time of the users. In fact, it also provides guarantee to restore the GIF files. So, don’t waste your time. If you want to recover the deleted or corrupted GIF files then you need to make use of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software. It is one of the best tool which has capability to recover your lost, corrupted, damaged, encrypted or even permanently deleted photos in just few clicks. This powerful is capable to perform deep scanning in the system to detect the files immediately. The best part of the software is that it does not compromise with the image quality and recovers in its original format. It has been designed by using GUI (Graphical User Interface) which helps the novice users to handle the tool in a hassle free manner. The trial version of the software is also available for the users. You can download it to check its working performance and efficiency.

Key Features of Photo Recovery Software:-

This tool has gained popularity is very less time due to its advanced features. The important points has been mentioned below:-

  • Displays preview of the files after successful scanning process.
  • Compatible with different versions of Windows and Mac operating system.
  • Helps to recover the photos of different formats such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, JPG and many more.
  • Allows to restore files from Digital camera, smartphones, laptops etc.
  • Allows the users to save the files at their desired location.

So, what are you thinking for, get the software now but you should know that the trial version of the tool has a limitation i.e. it will only display the preview of the recovered files. If you want to save them then you need to buy the licensed version of the software.

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