Detailed About Stellar NSF to PST Converter

Detailed About Stellar NSF to PST Converter

Stellar NSF to PST Converter is a very helpful toolkit and is used to convert NSF to PST file from Lotus Notes to its Outlook PST format. This converter capable to import all existing mailbox items such as file attachments, table, folder, contact, calendar, emails, etc to its destination point MS Outlook. It helps users to migrate NSF to PST format easily without making any change to its existing file or format. It also secures a converted file from any conversion failure that causes corruption to the database. Now, this stellar converter comes with an advanced feature that helps user lots and make a secure transformation.

Stellar NSF to PST Converter consist lots of advance feature that makes the user more portable to easily convert their existing Lotus Notes mailbox items. Basically, it supports ‘Lotus Notes’ various versions such as 8.0.2, 9.0.1, 8.5, and 7.0, 6.5 and other. It also supports MS Office all version 2016, 2010, 2013, 2007, etc. User cans also their converted file in MSG, RTF, PDF, HTML & Office and many other formats. Stellar NSF to PST Converter software is known for its advanced feature that provides lots of facilities to the user existing file.

A feature of the Software:-

Convert easily NSF to PST format without making the change to its existing file.

Multiple NSF files can be converted on its first selection without wasting lots of time.

Help to preview all Lotus Notes mailbox at the time of conversion.

Provide facilities to convert selective file to ignore unnecessary file.

It helps to search NSF file and allows saving converted PST file at user desired location.

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Key Feature of Stellar NSF to PST Converter Software:-

Easily converted NSF to PST format: It helps to convert Lotus Notes fie easily to its source PST format and can be used directly by MS Outlook to see the new file. The converter support to change all PST files such as Mailbox, and individual items.

Help to find NSF file: Stellar converter helps to locate user existing NSF file, in case user don’t know its exact location. NSF gives the option to ‘Search’ for finding the file from a mailbox.

Shows preview of Converted Mailbox: It provides an option to preview all converted mailbox items such as contacts, emails, data, etc. and allows seeing the correct selection of NSF file.

Provide facility for Selective NSF to PST conversion: an Advance feature of this stellar converter that provides an option to select and save the file that is needed to convert for avoiding unnecessary data.

Reliable in converting of NSF to PST file: Select the Lotus Notes file for converting it to PST format successfully and then convert without making any data loss. It will directly see through MS Outlook Mailbox.

Generates Log Report to Preview: Stellar NSF to PST Conversion software also generates a log report of the user file complete conversion process and also facilitate user to save all converted file to its desirable location. Basically, in the Log Report, it contains details about NSF file such as size, format, start time of conversion, current status, the time is taken, etc.

A feature of the User-Friendly interface: This Stellar Software corporate with their user-friendly interface, i.e., that provide the easy platform for any NSF file and can easily process to convert it to PST format without making any corruption with the file.

Convert NSF to Office 365: Stellar NSF to PST has new tech version that also allows the user to convert their existing NSF file to Office format. For saving the Office 365 file you need to provide Office 365 login Id. It also provides option save the converted items in another different format such as RTF, PDF, HTML, etc.

Having Free NSF to PST Conversion: The Stellar NSF to PST Converter tool also allows the user to select multiple items at a time and user to download free trial version of this software to convert it in PST format. After completing the conversion, the user can check the preview of converted Lotus Notes file. In this version, also allows saving the file as their desire location without making any change.

Specification of Stellar NSF to PST Converter software:-

System Requirement:-

  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 & Vista
  • Memory: Less than 1GB
  • Processor: Pentium Class
  • Hard Disk: Free Space 100MB

Software Delivery:-

  • Electronic: Yes

License & Version:-

  • Version: 3.0
  • Technician License: Easily use the software on any PC at their desire Location

Interface Available:-

  • Language Supported: English

User Guide for Stellar NSF to PST Software:-

Step1: Software home screen provides two options to click. Click on ‘NSF’ to select, if a user knows its location. After selecting this option, then click on ‘Start Conversion’ button to precede the steps. Now, click on ‘Find NSF’ button, in case the user does not know its current location.
Step2: Now, Search for NSF files on clicking ‘Look in’ button and will display NSF all existing file. You can choose your file to save.
Step3: Lotus Notes mailbox will be listed on left folder hierarchy. Now, the user selects a desired folder for full conversion.
Step4: Click on ‘Save’ option to save NSF files in a different format and select PST to save in PST format.
Step5: it gives three option to save NSF to PST file and then select the desired option.
Step6: In specified location, all converted mail items are saved.
Step7: In Office 365, select Office 365 to import it on NSF format.
Step8: Now, enter in Office 365 to get a login to select the mailbox folders.

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Frequently Asked Question:-

How will I preview my converted mailbox item?

If all conversion process gets finished, then all converted mailbox items can be listed to a tree structure. By expanding the tree and then click on any of these items to see the preview it from your right side panel of their interface.

How we activate Stellar NSF to PST Converter software?

The software easily gets activated, if the user purchases this software and gets ‘Serial Key’, then need to follow some helping steps.

  • Firstly, run the trial version of this software and click on the ‘Activation’ button.
  • A new dialog box appears, now provide ‘User Name’ and ‘Activation Code’ then, click on ’OK’ option.
  • If the serial key is valid then a confirmation page and then click on ‘finish’ button.

How user save the converted NSF files in Office 365/RTF/PDF/HTML/MSG file format?

If user completed all the process of conversion, the software lists all the mail items in its left panel of any interface in a tree view. Click on ‘save button’ on File Menu, that opens a new dialog box, which gives the option to choose the preferred saving option. Then, the user can save the converted file. It has also conditions to save one file at a time.

Does it necessary to install both ‘Lotus Notes’ and MS Outlook software in my PC before conversion?

Yes, Eventually, for performing conversion using Stellar NSF to PST Converter, the user just needs to install both the application inside their system.

What files do I save by using stellar converter trial version?

While, using the trial version of Stellar NSF to PST Converter software, it provides you facilities to save only first ten conversion items, after that you need to buy its full version of this software.

User Testimonials:-

While thinking about a software that easily converts my NSF file to PST file without making any further loss and can be prevented to save my converted file. My friend suggests me to use Stellar NSF to PST Converter software that provides me with lots of advanced features that help me to easily moves from source to destination point without making any change. It provides us with many other features that make me pleasant after using this software. Joseph, San François.

After suggested by my close friend, while I deal with the issues that I needed to convert my Lotus Notes mailboxes, which carry lots of essential data to PST format from MS Outlook format. He provides me Stellar NSF to PST Converter software and tells me that you can easily change your existing NSF file to your desired format without losing any database. After that I used this software, for converting my NSF file to PST format, really I got surprised that helps me a lot in this conversion and recovers all my files. Lawrence, Australia.

Hello friend, I felt cheated with NSF to PST converter that I currently used, it provides lots of trouble while converting my Lotus Notes mailbox to another source file. It can’t get succeed in complete proper conversion. Then a person that suggest me to use Stellar NSF to PST Converter software that gives the pleasant experience to use this software. It can easily convert my NSF file to PST format without any interruption and make a successful conversion and also it on my desired location. Bravo, West Indies.

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