How to Create Mac Partition/Volumes on Mac System

The mac operating system is considered as safe and secure operating system but despite this, you can suffer from the issues such as hard drive failure, file corruption, virus attack, and others. In case of damaged or failure of the hard drive, you will lose all data stored on this hard disk. So in Order to prevent such dreadful situation, you need to create a Mac Partitions. So that you can partition your hard drive into a different disk and use it for a different purpose. After dividing the hard drive, you can use each drive for a certain purpose and store data of the operating system and users files separately. So that, corruption of a single files does not affect the other file. The partition of the hard drive can also limit the usage of the disk space, So the hard drive is not loaded with the multiple files.

The partition allows users to split the hard disk into multiple segments, which you can use for certain purposes. This allows users to process one physical disk as multiple disks. First, you store all data on one hard drive, but after splitting you have options for storing them in different volumes, which reduces the load on files in a particular drive. If you create a new Mac partition, you will get numerous benefits. Here are some benefits of partitioning your Mac drive:

  • You will get multiple volumes of the hard disk
  • Manage your files and applications efficiently
  • The programs and user files stored separately
  • A chance of corruption of files decrease
  • Multiple operating systems Run
  • The partitioned disk can be used as a backup disk.

You can get all these features if you partitioned the Hard Drive. One of the great benefits of Mac’s hard disk partition is that you can prevent corruption of the files of the operating system and other programs by storing them apart from user files. This way, it makes your files and data much secure. In order to create a new Mac partition, you can use the built-in Disk Utility, which is also a disk integrity checker of Mac system.

Mac operating system consists of an unpartitioned single volume. For this reason, the user wants to have at least one partition in his Mac operating system to organize the data safely and without any clashes. To overcome this situation, many users are purchasing a new hard drive, but in this case, some users want to have a partition in separate volumes to store data in different ways. You may need to add an extra partition to an already partitioned disk, or you may also need to delete the partition you created.

Thus, in order to perform the above-mentioned situation, the user can easily use the built-in utility. It has a very useful utility, especially for managing data and partitions. It is known as the Disk utility, by using this tool, a user can perform many tasks on a partition and data along with a change in the size of the volume. If there is free space, the size of the partition can be increased or reduced to suit needs. In addition to all these functions, the built-in utility also has certain limitations.

Here are some steps to create a partition using Disk Utility:

Step 1: Launch the Disk Utility located at/Applications/Utilities/.

Step 2: The current disks and volumes will be displayed in the list area on the left side of the Disk Utility window. Since we are interested in partitioning the disk, you need to select the physical disk specified in the overall disk value, and then the disk size, brand, and model. The volumes listed below are related to the hard drive.

Step 3: Select the drive which is associated with the volume that you want to expand.

Step 4: Go to the “Partition” tab.

Step 5: Select the existing volume to split into two volumes.

Step 6: Click the “+” button to add the volume

Step 7: Drag the splitter between the two resulting volumes to re-size them, or select the volume and enter the number (in gigabytes) in the “Size” field.

Step 8: Disk Utility will display the resulting volume, shows how the volumes will be configured when you apply the changes.

Step 9: To reject changes, click the “Revert” button.

Step 10: To accept the changes and re-partition the disk press the “Apply” button.

Step 11: After that The Disk Utility will display a confirmation tab, indicating how the volumes will be changed.

Step 12: Click the “partition” button.

This way, you can create a new Mac partition, but most users find it problematic and time taking. Some beginners cannot easily apply these steps, so it is better to use any third-party software to partition your Mac hard drive. Stellar Partition Manager is one of the best third-party tools that is very expertized in when performing hard disk partitions. Take a look at the great features of Stellar Partition Manager.

About Stellar Partition Manager.

Stellar Partition Manager is a simple, safe and reliable tool that programmed by the experts. You can use this software to create, resize, delete, and hide Mac hard drive partitions. It also helps remove Mac partitions and volumes. The software is designed using the latest technology and has a graphical user interface that is very easy to use. No matter if you do not have the technical knowledge, there is no need to be a technical expert on using this software. It is compatible with all version of the Mac operating system. The trial version of the software is available for free. But one thing you must keep in mind that the trial version has some limitations. As it only shows the preview of the partition, it does not allow to save them. Download the trial version of the software to know more about the working efficiency of the software.

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