Repair Black Screen Error In Windows Without Having Data Loss

Hello, I am Stalin and I am a Windows Operating system user. I have almost used all the versions of Windows and it was a pretty good experience of administrating the Windows OS. Recently, I have encountered a very famous issue with my own operating system and this is Black Screen Error. This error has completely ruined my overall experience and it also pushes my system for sudden shutdowns which leads to the data loss as well. I have tried so many methods in order to overcome this issue but am unable to do so. If anyone here with an effective technique then please help me to get over it. thanks in advance…

black screen error

Black Screen Error Overview

Windows OS is equipped with plenty of superb features and specs and it also came up with a lot of errors as well. These errors just ruin your overall system administration experience and can also do so many perilous deeds inside the system. Similar kind of error is called the Blue Screen of Death and it is called blue because of the screen which looks blue after the infection. But it is not mandatory that the Blue Screen of Death will always look Blue, sometimes it also looks Black and therefore it is called as Black Screen of Death.

So, here we will talk about the Black Screen of Death, its reason and its removal methodology. this Black Screen Error appears after the login and it will look black with no text or pitch black with/without the cursor. This Black Screen Error freezes the system and it is also referred to as Blank/Black Screen of Death or Windows Black Screen Error. 

Reasons Behind Black Screen Error

There are several reasons which trigger Black Screen Error in Windows Operating System and below we have the complete list of it:

  1. The graphics driver issue can be a reason.
  2. Corrupted System files will also lead to system malfunctioning.
  3. Faulty display connection.
  4. System overheating.
  5. Issues in power supply.
  6. Incomplete installation or mistake during Windows installation will trigger this error.

The above are some of the major reasons which lie behind the Black Screen Error. These reasons will not only lead to Black or Blue Screen of Death but will also expose the entire system to a huge number of vulnerabilities and threats as well.

These hardware and software issues crash and shut down the Windows abruptly. These things will also lead to a huge loss of data and will just ruin the overall system administration experience of the users. A sudden crash or shutdown will also affect the hard drive and it may also possible that the hard-drive gets corrupted.

Threat Analysis of Black Screen Error

There are so many threats associated with Black Screen Error and here we have some threats which are related to the perilous deeds of Black Screen Error:

  1. Can crash the system.
  2. Causes random shutdowns which leads to huge data loss.
  3. Can affect the hard-drive of the system.
  4. Can malfunction the system settings.
  5. Corrupts the system files which required during booting.
  6. Degrades the performance of the system.

The above-mentioned threats will definitely slow down the PC and it can also expose the entire system to a huge risk as well as loopholes. It is highly recommended to remove this Black Screen Error as soon as possible in order to safeguard the complete health of the system.

Solutions To Fix & Repair Black Screen Error

Here we will talk about some manual method which will help in repairing Black Screen Error. However, these methods are quite time-consuming and lengthy and they will also need an advanced level knowledge in order to follow the instruction for the removal. To overcome this issue we also have a superb tool called Stellar Phoenix Windows Repair Tool which is really very effective in removing Black Screen Error from the Windows OS. The Stellar Phoenix Windows Repair Tool is quite easy-to-install and easy-to-run and can eliminate all kinds of Windows errors in a few effective clicks.

Solution:1- During Installation

The incomplete or mistaken installation will lead to the Black Screen Error and that’s why one must have to take care of it. Every installation takes around 2 hours and it totally depends on the hardware of the system and if your system is taking more time than the approx limited time, then it means that your installation process has been stuck and it can cause Black Screen Error.

It is recommended to force the system to shut-down and must remove all the system peripherals which are not necessary. After disconnecting all the unessential peripherals, reboot your system. The installation will resume from here and then you will see that a smooth installation of the Windows will take place.

Solution:2- Check The Display Connection

It is recommended to check the cable connection because a fault in the cable connection may lead to the Windows error. Check the connection of both HDMI/VGA/DisplayPort/Thunderbolt port cable and power supply. Tighten the loose connectors and also check the power light.

Do not forget to inspect the graphics card power supply and cable connections. You can also wake the display up and you can do this by pressing CTRL+WIndows+Shift+B as this will restart the graphics driver card in Windows.

However, these are the manual methodologies which will remove the error but it is quite complex to perform the operation as it must need a geek level knowledge. So let’s move on to the next solution which is the pro-tip as well and will remove all kinds of errors including Black Screen Error.

The Pro-Tip: Stellar Phoenix Windows Repair Tool

The Stellar Phoenix Windows Repair Tool is the most powerful and is used to recover the entire windows system from all kinds of errors and infections. Stellar Phoenix Windows Repair Tool is capable of wiping out all the errors, infections, and loopholes from the Windows OS in some easy and effective clicks. The Stellar Phoenix Windows Repair Tool is a quite easy-to-use tool with a superb and easy graphical user interface which will give a user-friendly and convenient experience for its users.

Below we have the link of the tool and from here one can get more about the tool and can also download or install the tool from here.

Know More About Stellar Phoenix Windows Repair Tool 

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